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No Strings :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 2 3 Konami (Dragon Ball Z oc) :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 4 2 My OTP :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 1 0 My Dark Black Heart. :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 1 0 EveJen's Original Character (Final Draft) :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 6 67 Venus x Hero (Rough sketch) :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 3 16 EveJen's Original Character (Rough Sketch) :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 4 0
  Don't leave, King of Saiyans
Will you desert all that care? 
Please stay with us in these havens;
Lest hear of the pain I've bared
My heart yearns for you;
It cries out in jealousy, rage and lust
But it'll be far far from being true;
So instead of lust and love, I gave you my trust
Abandon all of my hopes, wishes and dreams;
Wipe away all the tears I've cried;
Forget all of my silent screams
And focused more on everything I've tried
Don't sully your pity on my being;
Don't try and use deceit on me;
Stop acting as if you are all seeing; 
You cannot pretend it's something you are meant to be
Don't leave me alone, King of night;
Alone in the dark
Let me help you into the light;
Saving us both from the desires of my heart
Cleanse out all of the hate
And let my body decay;
Before I die and before it's too late;
Remember my voice and words: Please stay

:iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 1 9
Too Late :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 2 42 Meet The Artist, Shadow. :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 2 11
Mature content
Queen Of Saiyans: Prologue :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 3 2
Goodbye My Friend
 I remember when I first met him. His smile was faulted and his face red from crying.
 "Why are you crying?" I asked, going to embrace him.
 "My parents are hurting me and nobody will help me," he wailed, more tears came down. I reached out to him and wrapped my arms around his torso.
 "I'll stay with you! I'll be your friend!" I exclaimed, hugging him tightly. He cried harder and hugged me back.
 "Thank you," he whispered. 
 That was a start of a beautiful friendship.
 Our friendship grew throughout the fifth grade. We were never separated. I was always there for him and he was there for me.
 His parent didn't like me but that made our friendship stronger.
 During the seventh grade, he began to go through changes. If I noticed them earlier, he wouldn't be gone. He would still be with me right now.
 His last day was when he deactivated his DeviantArt account.
 "Shadow, I'm going away for a while," he told me.
:iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 5 15
Sapphire Midnight :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 6 0
Look at My Soul And Not My Face
 I would prefer that you would look into my soul and not judge me for what I look like. I would rather have you know me and like me than hate me for having an ugly face.
 Could you get to know me before you decide to judge me for the way I look. I would enjoy to get to know you before you want to judge my face.
 Have thou no mercy? Have thou no mind? Shall thou judge thee before thy speaks thy mind?
 It doesn't make a whore or a slut if I defend another girl because she dresses with her cleavage out. It doesn't make me a slut if a guy likes me and not you. It doesn't make me a slut if I dated somebody you liked and they don't want you. It doesn't make me a whore if I say a girl looks nice but she dressed with her body exposed. it doesn't make me any of those things.
 My souls cries for help but I ignore them. The demons fight in my head but I cat them away. My life wants to die but I still hold on tightly. Don't judge me before
:iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 3 26
Sage Naruto and SS4 Goku :iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 6 6
Let Them Go (Shy Knight Version)
 The nations declared war last night
 Blood stains are being seen
 It'll soon become a holy fight
 But I have to fight, says the queen
 I'm just too shy but I need to try with all my might
 Couldn't kill a man so I ran from the fight
 Don't let them in, don't them see
 Be the brave girl you always tried to be
 Conceal don't feel, don't them know
 Well, now they now!
 Let them go, let them go!
 Can't handle the pain anymore!
 Let them go, let them!
 Turn my back and slam the door!
 I  don't care what Her Highness says
 I know I'm a knight
 But here's the thing: I'll never fight
It's funny how my ideas make everything go wrong
And the pain that once terrified me can't get to me at all
It's time to see what I can do
To test my limits and break through
There's right; there's wrong; they're rules for thee!
We're not free!
Let them go! Let them go!
I raise my sword to the sky!
Let them go! Let them g
:iconxxshadowqueensxx:XXShadowQueensXX 1 4


All I can saw is AMAZING! I love the details you put this piece of beautiful art. I can see the heart of an artist in this: love, care ...

I love how you drew all the pokemon in a diamond shaped and how the little sonic characters are at the bottom. THe colors are really am...


(F2U) PINK BANNER N.2 Read the description :iconkanekii-serket:Kanekii-serket 14 8 Tomoe Uzumaki/Haruno :iconinstinctshadowsaiyan:InstinctShadowSaiyan 7 7 Dragon Ball Super manga 22 :iconmajingokuable:Majingokuable 63 12 Readaptacion Sexy vados. :icondicasty1:dicasty1 109 7 OC Kiena :iconamy-the-weeaboo:amy-the-weeaboo 3 0 Kind of made Kari as an inkling. :iconxfuyu-me:xFuyu-me 17 10 Deadman Wonderland || Shiro and Ganta :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 64 14 Yoai's character :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 58 37 Tokyo Ghoul || Kaneki Ken :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 99 48 Liza-chan! [OC] :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 45 21 [Request OC] Emma #1 :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 46 22 Shelter || by Porter Robinson :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 72 11 Deadman Wonderland || Shiro :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 62 15 request OC #2: Seiko :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 29 10 i don't love you baka! :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 34 19 Wip request boludachan :iconliza-chaaan:Liza-chaaan 26 5



I can draw cute little animals for you if you'd like. Payment is first before I start to draw. I will send it to you afterwards.
Anime original characters
I will draw your original characters. Payment is first before I draw. Then I'll send it tto you.


XXShadowQueensXX's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I've done some things in my life that you may think are crazy. A little different from the rest, I get my pleasure from the pain. I've got some ghost who follow me but you may think I'm crazy but in the night I know I feel alright. I SEE SPIRITS ALL AROUND ME AS I TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES ME DO THE THINGS I DO TO EVERYONE AROUND ME! AND I BET YOU NEVER KNEW I COULD HAVE REGRETS FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SEE RED BUT ALL I SEE IS PURPLE INSTEAD!"

"I'm caught up in your expectations. You try to make me live your dream but I'm causing you so much frustration and you only want the best for me. You're wanting me to show more interest. To always keep a big bright smile; be that pink little perfect princess but I'm not that type of child. And the storm is rising inside of me. Don't you feel that our worlds collide? It's getting harder to breathe. It hurts deep inside. Just let me be who I am, it's what you really need to understand and I hope so hard for the pain to go away. And it's torturing me but I can't break free so I cry and cry but just don't get it out: The Silent Scream. "

I am Shadow or you can call me Anbuis. I'm an otaku and I love role-playing. I draw and write a lot of anime based stuff. This place is a place for me to escape the real world where the demons of everyday try to harm me. I really try to make friends and help people on DA because some of the stuff that happens on here has happened to me as well.
I'm an angel of darkness and the reaper of souls as my friends call me. I enjoy making YouTube videos and singing a lot of songs. Usually, I sing lots of weird songs and I stick out like a sore thumb.
I am a very emotionally person and I can pissed off real quick so if you make me upset by doing something you think is wrong, you are fucking screwed. I don't tolerate that shit anywhere.
Anyway, I have a lot of friends on here and you should check them out please. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day. :wave:
Race: Saiyan

Age: Three years older than Vegeta

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125lbs

Eye color: Hazel

Skin tone: Pale

Abilities: Galick gun, Goddess Shot, Triple moon volley, Queen's waltz, Final Dance, Infinite void, Shi no tenshi shot and some other ones.

Outfit: Royal Saiyan armor but it's a darker blue.

Crush(es): Goku Black, Mercury, and Jupiter. (Oh yes, you saw the girl x girl ship. The ship has sailed.)

Personality: Evil, Mean, Power-hungry, abusive, lost, confused, bi-polar, cold but when she takes her pills, Saturn is happy and caring, loving, cheerful.

Antagonist or Protagonist: Antagonist at first.

Bio: Saturn is Vegeta's and Tarble's older sister. She has always been jealous of them because her mother Neptune and her Father Vegeta Sr. wanted her to be a perfect princess and since the fighting was left for the lower class and she was a high class Saiyan and a female which was a double no for her and her parents wouldn't let her fight or train but she did in secret and was the strongest Saiyan until Frieza came and destroyed her planet. With her parents out of the way, Saturn could fight but Frieza noticed her power so he sent her to his brother Cooler. Since Cooler was stronger then Frieza, Saturn trained harder but Cooler put an end to that. He tore off her right arm and that left her weaker than most and she was left for dead. Despite having one arm, Saturn stiil trained and ended up being the strongest female Saiyan and she wants to destroy everything. She hated her brothers for how her parents viewed them and now, she wants to wipe out every bad memory, including the last bit of her family.


No Strings
"I have no strings. So nothing's gonna hold me back from getting you now. I'm not on your screen. Until you let that box wind all the way down tonight. "

Female Marionette and I need to finish the right hand.
Today has been a great day. I am currently at home listening to a shit ton of great FNAF music, finishing the prologue of both "Queen of Saiyans" and "The Monster within"both Dragon Ball Z fanfictions) and roleplaying with my best friend :iconsupervegito9000:
Today has been great.  



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